Our Services

We bring you the best services
  • Auditing and Assurances

    We do in-house painting, decoration, furniture, and curtains

  • Taxation

    Today’s tax planning blends technology and business acumen to focus on consistency, compliance and the organization’s strategic objectives. Careful tax planning is critical for business success in an unpredictable global economy. 

  • Accounting and control systems

    We design adorable new compounds in available space. We make every land/yard look pretty

  • Business advisory

    Whether you’re looking to expand into new markets, seize the next M&A opportunity or realize your growth ambitions by better managing your capital, Goldgate can help you prepare.

  • Internal Controls

    At times you may need a trained outside professional to evaluate your company's operations to determine if the appropriate controls are in place to ensure proper handling of resources and to protect yourself from employee theft.

  • NGO

    We can help you setup and maintain your non-profit organization's tax-exempt status by handling all the IRS reporting for you.

    Each year the IRS requires most tax-exempt organizations to submit the Form 990 and its relations, which includes the following items.