Auditing and Assurances

Auditing and Assurances

All Audits as required by Law or Specific regulation. Our areas of audit specialty are in;

  • External and internal audits

Since the internal audit department’s main role is to assess the effective operation of the organization’s activities, its mostly part of management. External audit also come in to review the internal controls set up by management and its appointed by shareholders. With the appropriate experience held by Goldgate staff they are able to offer both services basing on the organization’s needs

  • Project audits

Different projects both existing and the ones that are about to be set up need to be reviewed to assess their progress and feasibility. This assists management to answer questions like are my products still being accepted in the market or is my market having low or high chances of growing. Projects need to annulised thoroughly so as to be avoid having high cash outflows in form of sunk costs.

  • Procurement and information system audits

The diversity and dispersion of digital information continues to grow as the legal and regulatory environments become more challenging. Organizations are seeking end-to-end discovery solutions to help them manage legal and compliance risks and also to reduce cost. Our team’s quali?cations, experience and scale enable us to offer services across the entire discovery life cycle. We have significant experience in managing high-profile, complex legal and regulatory responses and investigations. Our Discovery, information governance and forensic professionals can help answer the “who, what, where, when and how” questions that help organizations meet their discovery and compliance needs

  • Forensic Audits / Investigative audits

With wide experienced staff in forensic professional writing worldwide, Goldgate will assemble the right multidisciplinary and culturally aligned team to work with you and your legal counsel, offering the benefit of our broad sector experience, deep subject-matter knowledge and insights.

Our dedicated team of investigators, forensic accountants, compliance and technology professionals help organizations respond rapidly to instances of alleged fraud, bribery and other misconduct, as well as law enforcement and regulatory inquiries. Using advanced forensic technologies, we quickly gather facts and evidence to assess the extent of the issue and to help organizations manage relevant stakeholders. We support legal counsel by analyzing varying data sources to uncover links, patterns and anomalies and by presenting findings in legal proceedings. 

Goldgate professionals also work with companies and their legal counsel to refine risk assessments and tailor compliance programs to help put integrity at the heart of the organization. Our aim is to help companies create an ethical business culture focused on honesty, integrity and transparency that improves business performance and protects their brand. Leveraging forensic data analytics, we provide insights into employee behavioral patterns that can be used to develop customized compliance programs that align with the organization’s business and risk profile.

  • Special purpose audits

Though advising on the financial aspects of contracts and deals that often give rise to disputes, we also help reduce the risk of future problems before the deal is even signed. We support companies in effectively presenting their position on financial and commercial matters in arbitrations, court proceedings and other alternative dispute resolution procedures. We provide robust, unbiased, independent and expert testimony and opinions on a range of specialized matters that are critical to the outcome of disputes, by bringing together deep forensic competencies, sector insight and our extensive cumulative experience of advising on matters in most dispute resolution forums. Ultimately, we help safeguard the value of an organization’s business and help generate legitimate gain from their contracts and transactions.

  • Human Resource Audits

Through annualizing and reviewing the recruitment process, we are able to evaluate the skill, experience and competences of organization’s staff. We also look at human resource manuals, salary scale determinants and the contracts given to the different staff in terms of salary plus other employment benefits .This is to ensure that staff are working under favorable and attractive working conditions to reduce on labor turnover rates , improve on their moral and attract highly skilled labour.

Auditing and Assurances