Business advisory

Business advisory

  • Business restructuring and Processes re-engineering
  • Business incubation

Whether you’re looking to expand into new markets, seize the next M&A opportunity or realize your growth ambitions by better managing your capital, Goldgate can help you prepare. We help companies drive inclusive growth by focusing on their capital and transaction strategy through to execution to drive fast-track value creation. In a rapidly changing, increasingly digital and disrupted business environment, we support the flow of capital across borders, help bring new products and innovation to market, and enable organizations to reshape themselves for a better future. With global scale and connectivity, we can help you navigate complexity and build a better working world. 

  • Project Business planning and management
  • Financial analysis and interpretation

Several executives and senior leaders in finance, risk and actuarial are under intense pressure to navigate a wide range of megatrends and market forces, ranging from increased regulatory requirements and low interest rates to globalization and the disruption caused by new market entrants.

Because traditional transformation programs are not sufficient for these new business realities, insurers must fully converge finance, risk and actuarial operations — essential business functions that traditionally have worked in silos. It is imperative that finance, risk and actuarial come to share a common set of core data, underlying infrastructure and shared assumptions. Otherwise, leaders of these functions will struggle to meet the needs of internal stakeholders and external regulators, and to improve performance in meaningful ways. 

Beyond the near-term challenges, integrated transformation efforts also set the foundation for next-generation operational models, data-driven decision-making and other capabilities necessary to conquer the daunting competitive challenges the industry faces. A few insurance leaders have shown the way forward, by driving fundamental and permanent changes at the operational level and adopting convergence.

The results included significant capital freed up for strategic redeployment, increased organizational agility and optimized cost structures. These insurers are better positioned to address ever-evolving market and business challenges

  • Business registration and secretarial services
  • Capacity building and training

Capacity building and training Programme enables people, communities and organizations to strengthen their capabilities to develop, implement and maintain effective operations. The programme also provides guidance and support on preventing and responding to disasters, conflicts and other business risks.

Goldgate develops,implements and evaluates training materials and courses to help international agencies, national governments, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, private and public entities strengthen their technical capacity in emergency and business management. 

  • Human Resource management

Each organization works towards the realization of one vision. The same is achieved by formulation of certain strategies and execution of the same, which is done by the HR department. At the base of this strategy formulation lie various processes and the effectiveness of the former lies in the meticulous design of these processes. But what exactly are and entails these processes?  The following are the various HR processes:

  1. Human resource planning (Recruitment, Selecting, Hiring, Training, Induction, Orientation, Evaluation, Promotion and Layoff).
  2. Employee remuneration and Benefits Administration
  3. Performance Management.
  4. Employee Relations.

Human Resource Planning: Generally, Goldgate focuses the process of people forecasting, Evaluation, Promotion and Layoff.

  • Recruitment: It aims at attracting applicants that match a certain Job criteria.
  • Selection: The next level of filtration. Aims at short listing candidates who are the nearest match in terms qualifications, expertise and potential for a certain job.
  • Hiring: Deciding upon the final candidate who gets the job.
  • Training and Development: Those processes that work on an employee onboard for his skills and abilities upgradation.

Employee Remuneration and Benefits Administration: The process involves deciding upon salaries and wages, Incentives, Fringe Benefits and Perquisites etc. Money is the prime motivator in any job and therefore the importance of this process. Performing employees seek raises, better salaries and bonuses.

Performance Management: It is meant to help the organization train, motivate and reward workers. It is also meant to ensure that the organizational goals are met with efficiency. The process not only includes the employees but can also be for a department, product, service or customer process; all towards enhancing or adding value to them.

Employee Relations: Employee relations include Labor Law and Relations, Working Environment, Employee heath and safety, Employee- Employee conflict management, Employee- Employee Conflict Management, Quality of Work Life, Workers Compensation, Employee Wellness and assistance programs, Counseling for occupational stress. All these are critical to employee retention apart from the money which is only a hygiene factor.

All processes are integral to the survival and success of HR strategies and no single process can work in isolation; there has to be a high level of conformity and cohesiveness between the same. 

  • Research surveys

Goldgate uses quantitative and qualitative methods for collection of information from a pool of respondents by asking multiple survey questions. This research type includes recruitment of individuals, collection, and analysis of data. This is followed by communicating new features or trends to their respondents. 

Survey research also be bifurcated according to the sampling methods used to form samples for research: Probability and Non-probability sampling. Every individual of a population should be considered equally to be a part of the survey research sample. Using probability sampling method, elements are chosen on the basis of a probability theory

The most crucial and integral reason for conducting market research using surveys is that you can collect answers regarding definite, significant questions. These questions can be asked in multiple formats as per the target audience and the intent of the survey. Before designing a survey, Goldgate figures out the objective of carrying this out so that the survey can be structured, planned and executed to perfection.

  • Project / business analysis

Goldgates benchmarking analysis provides insight into your company’s performance by comparing financial and related data from similar organizations. It can reveal potential improvement opportunities in the size, cost and efficiency of your finance function, internal controls and working capital. With business analysis we are able to look how the different stakeholders affect or are affected by your organization ie we look at your products, customers, suppliers, government, competitors, community around and employees

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project / business proposals

The appropriately skilled staff of Goldgate are able to prepare proposals while requesting for financial assistance to implement a project. The proposal outlines the plan of the implementing organization’s project, giving extensive information about the intention of implementing it, the ways to manage it and the results to be delivered from it .The following guidelines are designed to help you prepare your full proposal. How well you plan the action is critical to the success of the project. Some of the importance of proposals are it being an essential marketing document that helps cultivate an initial professional relationship between an organization and a donor over a project to be implemented

A proposal facilitates appropriate words for the conception of an idea. The proposal has a framework that establishes ideas formally for a clear understanding of the project for the donor. Successful proposals mean financial aid for the organization to grow for the replication of project and ideas

Business advisory