Our firm assists all its clients who require taxation services, which include but not limited to the following;

  • Interpreting tax laws
  • Tax Investigations
  • Tax registrations
  • Tax planning and management

Today’s tax planning blends technology and business acumen to focus on consistency, compliance and the organization’s strategic objectives.

Careful tax planning is critical for business success in an unpredictable global economy. Tax planning is also necessary for individuals who face their own challenges owning, managing and preserving businesses and wealth in a complex regulatory environment.

  • Tax computation and filing returns
  • International Tax and Regional Cross-Border tax advisory

Our dedicated international tax professionals support you with the tax aspects and complexities of cross-border situations and transactions, including analysis, reporting and risk management. 

Tax has become increasingly connected — governments are collecting and sharing taxpayer information, and tax changes in one jurisdiction can now trigger changes across the globe. The result is that tax controversy is evolving from two-sided disputes in specific countries into a multidimensional, multi-country dynamic

  • Tax health checks for purposes of advising on compliance and tax planning.

For global businesses, accurate tax compliance is an instrumental piece of the tax puzzle. Getting this piece right is increasingly complicated because of the rapid pace of legislative and regulatory change, and the increasing digitalization of revenue authorities.

Additionally, staying current on tax developments at the local and national level, while meeting the demands needed for more transparency and financial information, strains the resources of tax departments and further complicates tax compliance. Our network of Business Tax Compliance professionals can help you prepare, manage and execute on tax filings within this shifting regulatory environment.

  • Tax representation in courts of law and Tax Appeals and Tribunal.

Businesses must act so that their people, policies and systems are keeping pace. They need a line of sight into the issues and the potential for future conflicts, as well as a centralized global strategy. Should disagreements arise, having resources that can act as a “bridge” between the tax authorities and the company is essential.

Here, you’ll find information to help you navigate this interconnected environment, including leading practices for implementing a globally integrated approach to tax controversy management